About the Authority

Mission Statement

  • To provide the best possible water and wastewater service at the lowest possible price.
  • To anticipate the water and wastewater needs of the communities served and to prepare to meet those needs through sound management practices, engineering and financial planning.
  • To expand into new service areas whenever feasible.
  • To strive continually for cost reduction and greater efficiency.
  • To initiate, promote, and keep abreast of advances in water and wastewater system technology.
  • To recruit, train and motivate personnel capable of carrying out this policy in the years to come.

Description of the Authority

Muhlenberg Township Authority is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, contiguous to, and north of the City of Reading. The Township is bounded on the north by Ontelaunee Township; on the east by Alsace Township; on the south by the City of Reading, and on the west by the Schuylkill River. The Township encompasses an area of about 7,480 acres by Bernhart Creek; 1,585 acres by the Schuylkill River, while about 345 acres drain toward the City of Reading. The Township completely surrounds the Boroughs of Temple and Laureldale.

A large percentage of the Township residents are concentrated in the developed areas known locally as Cherokee Ranch, South Temple, Muhlenberg Park, Riverview Park, Hydecrest, Hyde Park, College Heights, and Wedgewood Heights.

Muhlenberg Township is an integral part of the Reading metropolitan area. It is situated in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch region and is surrounded by fertile valleys noted for fruit growing and dairy farming. Employment opportunities in Muhlenberg Township and other portions of the Reading metropolitan area are greatly diversified. While the Reading area is known as a hosiery manufacturing center, it is also outstanding for the production of all forms of clothing, builders hardware, optical goods, communication equipment, pretzels, brick, candy, as well as specialty steels, automobile frames, batteries, railroad equipment, textile machinery and foundry products.

The Township has a completely self-sufficient primary and secondary public educational system. Albright College in the City of Reading offers Township residents educational opportunities at the college level. The Township is provided electrical service by Met-Ed, A FirstEnergy Company, gas service by the United Gas Improvement Company, and telephone service by Bell Telephone Company. The Muhlenberg Township Authority is a municipal authority incorporated under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Act of 1935, P.L. 463 as amended and supplemented, pursuant to the appropriate action of the governing body of the Township of Muhlenberg in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Authority is presently duly existing under the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and provides both water and wastewater services.

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