A Message From the MTA

Water Faucet

Everyone uses local water sources every day, but do you know where your water really comes from?

The staff at MTA work around the clock to provide top quality water to every tap. They work hard to protect your water resources, which are the heart of your commnunity, your way of life, and your children's future. TO maintain a clean, dependable water supply, they need your help!

This information was developed to make your community aware of the importance of protecting your water supply. Once a water supply becomes contaminated, the cleanup often takes many years and can be very expensive. It is in our community's best interest to take the proper precautions to prevent contaminents from entering our water supply.

Who is responsible for protecting your drinking water? EVERYONE!

If you have any questions about source water protection in your area, please contact the MTA office for more information

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